INFLOW Global Summit'18

INFLOW Global Summit ‘18 brought together social media content creators, opinion leaders, and sector professionals with leading brands in various sectors for informative & fun activities such as panels, keynotes, B2I meetings arranged through INFLOWBridge, dinners and trips. INFLOW Global Summit ‘18 aimed to bring an end to 2018 after expanding your network circle, and start the new year with possible business partnerships for both influencers and brands. While gathering influencers from all segments including travel, fashion, beauty, gastronomy, the event also supported brands in their influencer marketing strategies.

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INFLOW Global Summit’18?

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What Are We Going to Talk About During the INFLOW Global Summit’18?

● The use of Influencer Marketing in Different Industries
● How is ROI Measured in Influencer Marketing: Why use it?
● YouTube: Understanding the Creator, Public & Brand
● The Creator Economy: What is going to cost?
● The Main Actor of the Industry: Social Network
● Data is the New Food : INFLOW Bridge
● Authentic Instagram Content and the Power of Originality
● From Zero to Hero: Karsu
● The Worldwide Success Story of Turkish Talents


  • Diana Curmei

  • Eslimah

  • Kristina Makeeva

  • Yasmina Olfi

  • Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi

  • Ikram El Gat

  • Sendi Skopljak

  • Lisa Tellbe

  • Vitaly Raskalov

  • Saif Ben Ammar

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